Complaints & Queries

As the Agent, Holiday Home Owner will only act as facilitator between the Visitor and the Property Manager, who acts on behalf of you, the Owner.

Suffice to say, holiday cottages will receive complaints and queries from time-to-time. This guide to dealing with visitor complaints and reviews while staying at holiday homes in Devon, will help you, the holiday home owner in resolving issues alongside your property manager and the team at Holiday Home Owner.

Complaints Procedure

Holiday Cottages complaints procedure

It is important that you have clear guidelines with your Property Manager as to how they deal with any complaint and when to escalate the problem to you. Unless the complaint specifically relates to the booking process or the manner in which Holiday Home Owner marketed or charged for the property, we will in most instances, refer the issue back to the Property Manager for resolution. In some rare instances, it may be that either the whole or part of the Booking will need to be refunded to the Visitor.

This will be deducted from any Booking Income you have received on that specific Booking. Should the Visitor require moving to another Property due to unforeseen circumstances, Holiday Home Owner will work with you to enable a smooth transition for the Visitor.

Note: If the reason for moving the Visitor is due to an unresolvable situation at your property, such as the failure of a boiler for example, the money you would have received for the booking will be used to accommodate the Visitor at an alternative Holiday Cottage. If the fault occurs partway through the Visitor's stay, the Booking total will be apportioned to each Property on a pro-rata basis.

For your reference, we have attached a copy of the Visitor's T&C's explaining their rights, your rights and the procedure/s involved in resolving any issues that may arrise from time to time.

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