Should any damage to your Holiday Cottage occur during a Visitors stay, your Property Manager will need to provide written and photographic evidence, along with any relevant invoices, before we act on your behalf to recoup all or part of the Damage Deposit of £100 from the Visitor.

Holiday home insurance will also cover your holiday cottage buy to let in the unlikely advent of there being damage to your holiday cottage. Holiday Home Owner in Devon and the insurers will work with you as to how best get cover for your property.

Damage deposit

Choice Cottages will only deduct a Damage Deposit to a maximum of £25 for 'extra /or deep' cleaning and only where there is clear evidence provided that the Visitor did not comply with the Departure Requirements sent to them in their Arrival Pack.

Holiday Cottages Damage Deposit | Cottage Damages Claim

For your reference, we have attached a copy of the Visitor's T&C's explaining their rights, your rights and the procedure/s involved in resolving any claims for damage that may arrise from time to time.

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