Owner's Holiday Lettings Commitment & Options

This sections give you insight into the flexible holiday home letting commitments we offer to all property Owners. Key to our philosophy is that this is ultimately your home and so being restrictive on the number of weeks you have for your own use, or the term of the contract, is counter-intuitive to a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Flexible Approach:

Unlike many Agents, at Holiday Home Owner we pride ourselves in offering Owners who have a holiday cottage to let or rent, variety and flexibility with the availability you choose to provide your primary or second home for Holiday Lettings purposes. As a 'rule of thumb' we have the following options available, but all options can be tailor-made to your specific needs or requirements.

Standard Holiday Cottage to Let Options

The options described below form the standard holiday letting options. Bespoke options can and will always be entertained. Please feel free to discuss this with a member of the team.

Option A: All year Holiday Let

Owner may withdraw 12 weeks, (of which 04 can be during peak weeks), without incurring commission

Option B: Six summer months Holiday Let

Owner may withdraw 08 weeks, (of which 03 can be during peak weeks), without incurring commission

Option C: Ten peak weeks Holiday Let

Owner may withdraw 02 peak weeks, without incurring commission

Option D: Six peak week Holiday Let

Owner may withdraw 01 peak week, without incurring commission

Option E: Other Holiday Let

By arrangement

Holiday Lettings Agreement Contract Options
Holiday Rental Agreement Contract Options

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