Digital marketing & Print media

Market my holiday cottage to let in Devon

Digital Campaigns

We have an in-house marketing team who produce and deliver effective advertising strategies using an up-to-date database of holiday makers and enquirers. We are proud of a large proportion of repeat business and are seeing more referrals each year; including an increasing international presence. To this end, we consistently run email campaigns to an engaged audience in target markets across the UK & Europe. These campaigns are dynamic to the prevailing economic environment, time of the year and what is going on in the area.

Have you asked yourself: "How do I market my holiday cottage to let?" Holiday Home Owner in Devon can help you with all your marketing needs to successfully rent your house.

Online Custom Brochures

At Holiday Home Owner, we don't believe in spending unnecessary money on expensive hardcopy brochures. This, because properties are constantly changing, as will the facilities each individual property provides. By focussing on Digital Media, we have the ability to update properties real-time; whether it be adjusting an image to reflect the season, adding the new flatscreen TV you have just bought or adjusting your pricing to reflect the success of your property. None of this could be done with an annually produced publication and is also one of the reasons why Choice Cottages charges the lowest commission.

That said; we pride ourselves in providing potential holiday makers with bespoke personalised digital online brochures of properties specifically suiting their requirements - This publication is fully illustrated and will provide visitors up-to-date photos, descriptions, availability and prices - thus ensuring that however many times you change anything within your property, your description will be up-to-date. Lastly, we know the importance of the environment and aim to provide a quality service, whilst minimising environmental impact.

Print Media, Radio & Publications

Our Website - Much of our holiday home advertising is targeted to attract new visitors as well as retaining our valued repeat customers. Our marketing spend is spread over all media areas, including traditional media such as newspapers, strategically selected magazines, radio and brochures as well as local directories & publications. Responses are monitored and strategies are altered real-time in keeping with holidaymakers’ booking trends. Carefully monitored and executed Leaflet Drops and Direct Marketing Campaigns are conducted at key times during the year.

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