My holiday cottage for rent? - Income Projection

Rent a cottage with Holiday Home Owner. We will offer sound advise on holiday home rentals and show how renting your house with an agent, will maximize projected rental income.

The below table and downloadable PDF is illustrative of income that can be achieved for 1 - 6 Bed properties. Please do take note of the caveats listed below, however.

Holiday Home Owner would be very willing to arrange a viewing of your property at your convenience, to compile and accurate forecast and projection.

Income Projection by property size:

Choice Cottages | Owner projections by property size

Please take note:

(*) Tariffs are indicative and can vary based on location, star rating and size.
(**) The Peak Tariff & Average bookings of 25 (Smaller Properties) & 30 (Larger Properties) are based on performance in seaside locations.
(***) Commission is indicative of the industry average. Holiday Home Owner will ensure you get the most competitive rate.

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Download PDF version | Projections by property size

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